4.4 – Production Expectations

Production Expectations

Soon after your supplier confirms receipt of your deposit payment your production will begin.

Production Steps & Expectations

Depending on your product this process may vary however this is an overall view of what you can expect:

Components & Material Purchase 15 to 20 days (as these usually are ordered from sub-contractors)
Components & Materials Processing Approximately 2 weeks
Batch Sample Completion: 2 to 5 days (for the initial batch)
Assembly: 7 days
Packing: 3 days
Important note: The above guidelines are assuming that all tooling (injection moulds etc) have already been built prior to the bulk production. These should have already been created and be the same that were used to produce your samples.  

Batch Sampling

Even though you received and agreed your initial prototype sample, you will still need to request some batch samples from your supplier for your testing and approval before they continue to mass produce.

This may delay your production and add on time as they will need to be delivered to you. This is up to you however it is our suggestion that you receive them yourself.

It is better for you to see them yourself rather than use an on-site inspector as you may find some inconsistencies or essential requirements that have been overlooked.  

This is your final opportunity to avoid quality issues throughout your complete order.

Ongoing Regular Updates

It is essential that you request regular status updates from your manufacturer. This will give them the opportunity to clarify queries with you along the way. Avoid too much pressure or nagging however a fair amount of pressure will keep your production on schedule and also give you piece of mind that you are being kept in the loop. It will also enable you to plan and book your quality inspections.

Request Proof of Production

Your supplier will understand that you will wish to see the process in motion. Request photos and videos of the process taking place. Within your request also ask them to send you specifics areas such as:

  1. Overall Design
  2. Labelling
  3. Dimensions
  4. Functions
  5. Quality
  6. Testing

With all of your correspondence you will need to remain cool, calm, civil and fair to get the best help and feedback from your supplier. If you have concerns then let the supplier know and also let them know how they can put your mind at rest.

It is in your best interest to keep on top of the complete process as if you take your eye off the ball it will only be to your detriment.

Always be pleasant with your supplier and most will generally do their best for you. If you come across too overbearing they may try to avoid communicating with you.