4.1 – Production & Quality Overview

Production & Quality Overview

In the last module we went through the steps from requesting your sample through to approval.

Once the sample has been approved it is time to make your first order.

This stage will involve a number of steps which we have laid out for you below.

In this section you will also be able to download essential production contract, quality control checklist and emailing templates for you to use.

Section Overview

Task / Tutorial Comment
4.2 Production Contract TemplateOverview of the “Production Contract Template”.
Clarification of how and why to use this template to ensure your requirements are met.  

Download: Production Contract Template
4.3 Paying the Initial Deposit How to make the initial pre-production deposit payment to your supplier. Includes fraud prevention checklist.
4.4 Production Expectations Materials procurement and production timeline overview
4.5 Quality Control Inspection ReportGuidance on booking your pre-shipping quality inspection and using the “Quality Control Inspection Report”   Download: Product Quality Control Inspection Report
4.6 Lab Testing How to book lab testing and submit batch samples
4.7 Final Payment for Goods How and when to make the balance payment