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Body Language in Business Online Course

Body Language in Business – Online Course

This course will show you how to decode the body language of
people around you while sharpening your own nonverbal communication to amplify
your influence in business.


When dealing with suppliers, clients and employees; it is
essential to put yourself in the strongest position possible.

Countless studies have shown that where there is a
communication discrepancy, body language is the paramount medium that is
believed above all others. Statistically it is widely accepted that 70% of
communication is transmitted through body language, 23% through voice and tone
inflection, leaving only 7% in the actual wording that we use.

In raising awareness of body language and how to use it
effectively you will be opening new doors to business success with every
relationship encounter.

We rarely consider our body language when dealing with
clients, we also seldom consider the other party’s. Often, we are too busy thinking
about what we are going to say next to seal the deal. Research shows that what
we say is hugely more important than what we say.

This course is designed to show you in detail every aspect
of body language ranging from handshakes to power poses so that you will have
an increasing number of tools in your toolbox to help you succeed.

What you’ll learn

  • Effective networking techniques
  • Utilizing B.L to attain clients, business & projects
  • Display confidence in communication
  • Detect hidden messages in interactions
  • Master nonverbal communication
  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Detect lies or inconsistencies
  • Cultivate a strong Elevator pitch
  • Develop Body language for public speaking
  • Increase influential effectiveness

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