Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)-Online Certification
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Practitioner Certification

nlp online training course

This Ultimahub certified
NLP Practitioner training course is systematically designed to enlighten you to
skills and techniques that you would never have previously believed possible.

As you progress
through the course your NLP awareness will rapidly increase from understanding
the fundamentals, to being able to dexterously apply effective tools in all
aspects of your daily and working life.

Everyone can benefit from
the powers of NLP. We will teach you the principles and techniques, you can
then apply and develop them in whichever area of your life or business as you

NLP will equip you
with the systems and processes to yield a more tranquil and empowered frame of

NLP will enlighten you
to the complexities of the human experience thereby empowering you to be a more
efficient and influential communicator.

In this course you will
gather the immediately implementable secrets and tools of effective

Neuro linguistic practitioner training online course

You will learn
persuasive language patterns used by some of the greatest communicators the
world has ever seen. You will also learn the motives and the motivation that
constitutes human behaviour.

Programming has been helping hundreds of thousands of people across the world
to minimize their undesired habits, modify limiting beliefs, develop confidence
and generate compelling future direction and clarity.

The innovative, state-of-the-art
techniques found in this course can be applied to all practical aspects of
entrepreneurship as well as for personal enlightenment.

What will I be able to do upon completion of this course?

  • To enhance your communication skills to become increasingly engaging & influential
  • Devise compelling goals & actionable processes
  • Develop awareness of understanding verbal & non-verbal triggers
  • Minimize limiting beliefs and transform them into positive action planning
  • Master controlling your emotional states
  • Cultivate “razor-sharp” negotiation skills
  • Guide others to gain gaining vision, perspective, clarity and direction
  • Re-frame undesired habits or traits in yourself and others
  • Better understand negative and detrimental emotions
  • Develop strategies for congruency decision making
  • Strengthen rapport both personally and professionally

Who this course is

  • Entrepreneurs wishing to develop themselves and their teams
  • Anyone wishing to build better rapport and relationships with others
  • Everyone who aspires to become a more empowered version of themselves
  • Anyone wishing to teach the skills and techniques of NLP following their course completion and certification

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