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Consultative Selling Skills – Online Course

Consultative Selling Skills – Online Course

Professional Selling Skills Training

As every world class selling expert will agree, there comes a point in a salespersons career that a mindset
shift is made.

Amateur salespeople try to convince a buyer to buy.

Experienced salespeople have a far superior system whereby they consult and provide the ideal beneficial solution for a required need.

Selling is a fundamental prerequisite skill for all businesses to succeed.

On a macro level, without efficient sales the world’s economy would stagnate.

To achieve your full personal and business potential you must be able to sell yourself, your vision, and also your products and services.

Consultative Selling enables you to reduce the anxiety that your potential customers may be experiencing as well as sharing in their problem requirements to provide the ideal solution, thereby building long and trusting relationships.

Consultative Selling is like a marriage bond. With the correct formula you can build a long-term partnership with your staff, partners and clients.

By having the ability to identify needs and empathizing to co-create solutions you will notice an immediate influx of business and progress.

Consultative Selling skills can rapidly shift your business from mediocre basic earning potential to that of an in demand highly skilled knowledgeable professional in your field.

Course Modules &Topics

1. Behaviours of High-Performance Salespeople

These set formulas and characteristics are derived from genuine field research carried out by some of the world’s greatest sellers.

2. Consultative Selling Process

Learn the systematic usage of the “sales funnel” which will enable you to focus on your customer, as well as market and develop your awareness in your target profitable market.

3. Consultative Conversation

Improve co-operative dialogue and problem solving models to instil and enable immediate added value by guiding your customers to diagnose issues and find a resolve incorporating the features and benefits of your service or product. This course will enable you to take the necessary steps to bridge your sale completion.

4. Service and Gain Referrals

Often sales courses harp on about “closing the sale”. In essence this mindset is incorrect as the initial contract between you and your customer should only be the beginning. The subsequent post-sale service and quality is where the real magic happens which often leads to ever more fruitful sales opportunities.

5. The Essential Art of Communication

Active listening is a learned skill that some people take for granted and never really develop. In simple form it is asking open-ended questions, listening reflectively, and conveying empathy. All follow a system and need to be consistent. This course will show you how to achieve best results.

This course is not a theoretical mass of ideas. It is based on tried and tested methods which you will be able to immediately utilize and implement with your current customer base and project portfolios.

What you’ll learn

  • Ability to build and sustain a long-lasting professional relationship with customers
  • Develop your brand to be known as a world class service
  • Master the art of instilling trust to achieve high value sales
  • Engage your customer to co-operatively achieve win-win solutions utilizing your offering

Who this course is for

  • All professionals with a desire to influence and develop lasting business relationships
  • Entrepreneurs seeking partners, principles, and high achievers in their enterprise
  • Entrepreneurs looking to promote their vision to prospective investors and partners
  • All sales professionals desiring an increase in sales value and business relationships