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Hotel English training courses

hospitality and Customer Service Training

Professional English to understand and serve the global customer demand, customer relaxed, happy and enjoy every moment in your hotel stay.

With China's economic development, more and more business travelers, tourists or exhibition and conference have entered China. Customer service, service differentiation, and employee training has become a new challenge to the hotel manager. Ultimahub hotel combines a number of professional English training courses and experienced teachers as well as the latest staff training model to help managers quickly enhance employee service capabilities.

Our core concept of the training course the hotel staff can provide foreign customers in English professional services to customers relaxed, happy and enjoy every moment of your time and the hotel to be your loyal members.

Course content will be divided in accordance with this concept: a welcome and reception Spoken: enrich employees oral vocabulary, so that customers arrive and stay in the popular sense and care. 2 Speaking and Listening upgrade: improve employee speaking and listening ability, but with the arrival of international visitors, the customer demand will no longer be single, we will be the situation with role-playing scenarios to help employees improve relevant English. 3 Scenarios and response training: We will assist employees in a variety of contexts conditions, accurate and correct responses and meet customer demand, the relevant scenarios such as: a) meeting and reception b) Facilities and Environment Introduction c) Customers booking a consultation Inquiry d) duration of their stay special needs d) telephone answering e) conditions to respond to customer complaints f) Customer accommodation Feedback g) emergency notification and treatment h) other conditions.

Ultimahub's professional trainers combine extensive experience in hotel management and services specifically for the custom set of exclusive courses, training your staff under any scenario Jieneng English professional foreign customers understand and meet the needs of. If you would like more information, please fill out the form below to leave your contact information, we will have someone contact you for your service!

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